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Tony Lloyd

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Tony has had a passionate interest in the radio industry since he was a young teenager, and after cutting his teeth as the sound engineer for Scout gang shows, he took the mic himself and went on to become a club and event DJ. 

For a short time, he worked on his tan during the day and spent the evenings dusting the sand and wiping the ouzo off his record collection as he performed on various beaches as DJ with Club 18-30s, before he returned to the UK and began training at industrial radio station UBN. 

He entered the world of broadcast radio in the late 70’s before becoming a presenter at Chiltern Radio, where he was a familiar voice to the listeners in Herts, Beds and Bucks with the 'Tony Lloyd Late Show' and later the hosting the Drive Show.

‚ÄčTony loves music and all things audio.  A proud member of the AOR board of directors, as well as a presenter, you can tune in from 9pm til midnight every weekday evening to hear his Late Show and Tony's Love Songs. ‚Äč


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