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Simon Marshall

Meet Simon Marshall !

Ever since Simon’s Dad took him to a BBC radio open day, he knew that he wanted to be a presenter.

It took years of pestering and determination to achieve his dreams but one day he got ‘the’ call and was offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Simon says he’s always felt very lucky to be doing such a privileged job.

Playing fantastic music and being able to connect with my audience is what really drives him and fuels his passion for radio.

He loves AOR for the wide range of music that we play. It’s a music mix that you don’t experience anywhere else and that’s what makes it so unique.

When Simon is not presenting his Sunday afternoon show, he enjoys walking and taking photographs. He’s also a keen guitarist.

He has two young daughters and describes being a Dad as one of the best jobs in the world (closely followed by his work with AOR!)

If you are looking for good company and great music be sure to join Simon every Sunday from 1pm on All Oldies Radio.


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