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Hello from your Captain Stewster!


Saturday from 7pm is party time.. The Super Saturday Soul Stew Party has the best in R&B, Dance, Soul and Reggae that you could ever need to boogie the night away.

I also have the 'Twofers', 'Reggae Reggae Stew' and Motown Chartbusters.

You can be part of the show by picking the 'Twofers' that I play...

Twofer 1, two tunes with the same title from two different soul artists/soul band and

Twofer 2, two tunes from one great soul artist/soul band. 


Between 9pm & 10pm I have introduce a Soul Request hour. Wait for it, you'll love the name...

The Super Saturday Soul Stew Selection.

Thanks to everyone who has requested songs so far but please keep them coming in as request shows are always very popular, so, if I don't get your song on, it will be carried across to the next week.

So, if you want to take part in the Twofers or have a Soul Request, just fill in the details below and it will come straight to me.






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