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Introducing Mark Blackman on All Oldies Radio. 

Mark has loved radio since he was 3 years old and always wanted to be behind the mic presenting or producing!

He got his first opportunity at the tender age of 14 when a teenage Mark was asked by his local school to record an advert for Radio City in Liverpool. 

Since that date he has taken every opportunity presented to him, hosting a variety of shows for stations the length and breadth of the country - from BBC Local Radio to Commercial Radio...  and he's done just about every job available too - from being the tea boy to reading the travel news!

Mark isn't camera shy either...   he's graced our TV screens on various game shows including 'The Chase' on ITV where he got chased by the Dark Destroyer...  and even on Channel 4's First Dates (form an orderly queue folks....he's still single!)

Mark just loves the music All Oldies Radio plays, as he was brought up with the music of the 70s and Motown in particular, and we look forward to him playing some of those great Classic Hits on his show!

All Oldies Radio are really pleased to welcome him to the team where he will be presenting the Weekday Evening Show from 6-9pm.  

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