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Keith Ritchie on All Oldies Radio

The Pirates, Radio London, Radio Caroline and Radio England all sparked Keith’s interest as a young lad and he spent many hours in his bedroom tuning in via a big old wooden-cased valve radio

When his local youth club was turned into a discotheque he skipped college, cobbled together some mobile gear and the disco started.  In a bid to get his hands on cheaper records, Keith started working in a record shop in Bedford and soon got to know all the local mod collectors and disco operators.

Here, he developed a love of rock steady and reggae, but when the shop manager mentioned the hospital radio station in Northampton General, Keiths ears pricked up! 

He took his first steps into radio in 1973, moving to Bedford when their hospital radio station started in 1975

Like many radio folk, Keith developed both presenting and engineering skills, so when the chief engineer at Chiltern Radio needed a technical operator to support the complicated Saturday Sport, he stepped in.

It was the perfect place to be.  He convinced the programme controller to give him a try-out on air, and found himself working relief shifts before eventually hosting his own show - ‘Solid Gold Sunday’.

Keith brings a wealth of experience to All Oldies Radio and you can hear him play all those Classic Hits on Saturday from 5pm and Sunday from 9pm.


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