My First AOR Blog!

It’s a real pleasure to be both a director and presenter at All Oldies Radio.

Having been a DJ since I was 8 years old and in radio since the seventies, I know a great station when I hear one ! 

When I say hear one, this is the important thing. It’s the music which our listeners love and why they listen to us instead of other stations. Russ Dee is responsible for programming our fantastic music output with help from Fothers, another very talented presenter who I have known for 33 years! Time flies!

I can honestly say, and some would say that I would say this, but even if I wasn’t involved I can without doubt say All Oldies Radio is the best sounding radio station out of all the many stations I have been part of, for more than 50 years - I know I don’t look old enough do I?!!  - including the ones I have owned or been the MD of! And that’s saying something!

Without you the listener where would we be?  Your support is very much appreciated and I thank you on behalf of the team for listening to All Oldies Radio.

Keep listening and I’ll be on the Tony Lloyd Late Show at 9.00pm