You Are Listening And We Love It!

In my first blog I shared with you about the lack of accuracy available for internet radio audience numbers, but The Breakfast Of Legends achieved something that all of us at AOR are really proud of.

Although historical audience numbers are far from accurate, if we look at all of our stream data at an exact moment in time, you can get a fairly accurate picture of how many different players (smart speakers, apps, browsers etc) are currently streaming our output.

I have been with this amazing station since day one. The growth of Breakfast audience is extremely challenging. 

Listeners have to make more effort to tune into us, although smart speakers have made us more accessible with ease.

You certainly need to be slightly tekkie to listen to us on the move, in your car or at work. 

So when we see audience numbers similar to smaller FM stations (not community radio), we really do feel extra special. 

It is your willingness to go the extra mile to listen to AOR that tells us we are what you want us to be. If listeners make this extra effort to listen to us now, what would we achieve if we were in decent audio quality on a larger scale DAB multiplex or FM?

I am constantly asked why we do not appear on either of these platforms, and to be totally honest, it comes down to availability (hardly any on FM in the UK) and the pure costs involved with DAB.

The latter has been explored in huge depth by AOR on multiple occasions.

Audio quality is a huge factor for us, we have built a fantastic reputation over the years on sounding amazing. We would love to be able to achieve the same on DAB, but the cost factor for high bandwidth on DAB is very, very expensive. 

Small Scale DAB is becoming popular with independent operators, but to survive, you really need to have commercial revenue, or someone with deep pockets!

My own personal view is that these Small Scale DAB services are unable to give you the coverage area you need in each location to make a financial return through commercial revenue. I think you would have to look at using these outlets more as a marketing tool to promote that if you want great audio quality, visit the website, use our app or our smart speaker skill.

After explaining the challenges, and I hope in an easy to understand way, you can now understand why we get so excited when we see audiences making a huge effort to listen to AOR, especially at a very busy time, Breakfast time.

Personally, I want to really thank you for doing that. 

Although I am not what you call a “Big Name”, I have been a commercial broadcaster most of my adult life. I’m no Tony Blackburn or Chris Moyles, but I believe I offer a very strong, professional alternative to what you may have been listening to for years. Actually, and I promise I am not the ego type, I must be doing that. The audience growth in Breakfast is proving just that.

The audience build is not just me though. We have an amazing on air team. They know what they are doing, what you want and how to deliver it. The commitment our on air team put into bringing you entertainment day in, day out, is massive. We are passionate about what we do and all know that without you, we have nothing.