What Is For Breakfast?

It was a welcomed surprise last week to hear from so many of you about my first ever blog.

I have to be careful not to ramble on forever, but it seems I hit the spot with the amount of content and the positive comments received for explaining how things really are in Internet Radio.

It is always brave, but scary, to move into the prime time show for any station.  Even after being in commercial radio for over 30 years, I still get the jitters in my stomach when hosting something new. 

Ian Noakes, our Director of Programming, worked with me on what we should actually be serving up as our Breakfast menu.

The competition is tough. Other stations throw big names and huge amounts of cash into a Breakfast show. 

We are an independent station, sounding as bold as brass as the big boy stations but on a fraction of the budget. 

Both of us stripped back everything to basics. We want to build a show over time that grows with our format and more importantly giving you what you want.

We already knew that the last thing you wanted was a butch male voice with a giggling sidekick female. 

You have told us that you want the biggest selection of Classic Hits mixed with regular news updates, weather, travel and to have someone that talks to you, not at everyone. Someone warm, upbeat, topical, lively and entertaining.

It certainly is a big order, especially when competitions, listener feedback and requests get added into the mix, and, it is live!

As I headed towards the end of the 2nd week presenting the Breakfast Of Legends, one thing became very clear…. you like what is being served up for Breakfast.

The feedback from you has been more than I could ever have wished for. I’m hearing from listeners that have never made contact before, have just joined us, and of course, those that already love what we have done for the past few years.

That lovely feedback very quickly relaxed me into the show even more. I feel you are part of my family and I thank you for really making me part of yours.

Your continued feedback helps to keep the show fresh, relevant and enjoyable.

What is for Breakfast?

Keep telling me and I will do my best to deliver.