We Reached A Milestone.

We made it through the first week together with The Breakfast Of Legends!

As some of you would already know, I have been a part of this fantastic radio station since it originally started as Hit 45s on the 29th March 2016. Back then we were pushing internet only radio as the only station that had professional, experienced announcers/presenters/jocks/djs around the clock in the UK.

In 2016 a large part of internet only radio stations were just jukeboxes with the occasional station ID. We came along and blew them all away with a very slick, tight music format, an amazing on air team, hourly news, weather and travel updates.  An on air team that knew the music we were playing and were passionate about providing you with the best entertainment in super high 320k audio quality.

Since then, we have seen many more players come onto the scene offering something along the same lines as us. Some good, some poor, some even took part of our name. Naturally, we were flattered.  We stayed ahead of our game and in return you supported us more and more.

There has been a lot of debate about what is right or wrong in many internet radio forums. Personally, I have always refrained from making any comments in those places, held my head up high and been super proud of what we achieve. 

In March 2020 we took a well earned break. Those that know me well know the full details, but something happened that none of the team expected….. listeners wanted us back, and, very soon.

Internet only radio has no way of obtaining exact audience figures. There are no official surveys available. Actually, there is no company that offers the exact service needed. 

I have seen stations post and comment over the years that have claimed millions of listeners, but, in reality, average between a few to maybe 100 at any one time.

Previously, All Oldies Radio – Hit 45s carried out it’s own data collation process. We knew we had a strong audience base. Advertisers were getting positive responses from campaigns that were broadcast.

Another thing happened, which justified and backed up that data. You.

From the moment we put the cat out and locked up shop we were constantly receiving messages and emails.

First thoughts were that it would die down after a little while, but the total opposite happened. 

You supplied the strength, energy and encouragement for a comeback. This time with an even stronger board of directors and a clear commercial business vision.

Our freshened music format and mixture of regular and new lineup of presenters has now taken us to an even greater level of popularity.

It was you, in fact a lovely listener called Steve Brown, who reminded us that we have been back broadcasting for 100 days this week.

We reached one of our first milestones.