That’s What Friends Are For.

So last Tuesday, finished my show at 10am and within the hour I was being whisked away with lights flashing by some of our NHS finest.

At hospital, I could see how massively busy they were, but through all that, I did not feel neglected and I was looked after by some brilliant Doctors & Nurses.

So, that briefly explains my absence on air.

It is times like this when you really find out who your friends are. 

An amazing neighbour that brought my wife to the Hospital. The fantastic Fothers who covered Breakfast at the very last minute whilst not well himself. Emma & Lora pulling forces together to deal with artwork and promotions for my show and into the next week, the brilliant Tony Lloyd helping out with The Breakfast Of Legends. 

I can not forget my wife, who through all this has been amazing!

The love and support from listeners has been totally amazing. It really shows how much AOR is part of your life and home. Even though we cover the whole of the UK, the messages from all of you made it feel like I was back on local radio. 

If I have missed anyone, I apologise now. If you have been a part of my crazy life over the past week, thank you so much.

It really does show that’s what friends (Drs & Nurses) are for!

Much love x