Now You Know!


If I had a quid for every time somebody asked me "Why will we love you more from February 1st?", I would shout you all a drink when the pubs open again.

Radio is well known for being the King of tease and the "you'll love us more" campaign certainly generated lots of great activity, new listeners and press coverage for us.

This campaign highlighted the positive future for All Oldies Radio during these challenging times, but if I look back, we were primed and ready to operate during Covid well before any of us knew about it.

Under the original name of Hit 45s, we were innovators, we had professional presenters around the clock in super high quality and a brilliant tight format. We constantly received messages asking if we were owned by one of the big boys.

Our mission was to provide quality entertainment, but, to also show that you do not need an office or fancy studio premises.

The doubters mocked us, other radio operators or those that thought they knew best said we were crazy, that we would not survive, it would not work and that we were just a back bedroom operation. 

The very same people now say how great radio has become with presenters and stations now operating from home, forgetting we have been doing it for years. As the industry starts to move towards doing what we have always done, and seeing the huge financial savings and benefits in doing so, we continue to be innovative by working smarter and staying ahead of the game.

Its more then just the amazing Rob Charles joining us to do Breakfast, more than just me moving to Afternoons, its knowing what we, as a business, will achieve this year.

There is far more than I can share with you right now, but all the owners of All Oldies Radio are itching to show you what is next.

With so much more competition coming into the market place, we will continue to up our game, continue to operate a highly entertaining station with high quality broadcasting standards.

The 1st of February is just one of many phases coming this year, but, we know that we would not be here without you, listening and supporting us.

The secret is out about our schedule changes from February 1st, but that is only a small part of what is coming over 2021. It is going to be brilliant and we have you to thank in helping us achieve so much more. Thank you!