Is It Flattery?

Earlier this week a friend pointing me to a post that one of our competitors made on social media.

Like me, she also found it amusing as it seemed to be very similar to one of my previous blog postings.

I always see stuff like this as a form of flattery, but, sometimes it can be a tad annoying. 

When I write these blogs, I do so from the heart and with the vast radio experience I have chalked up over the years.

There is certainly a very thin line between flattery and your own copyright.

This happened a couple of years ago with a UK radio station that decided to use part of our original name. Listeners became very confused about both radio stations and many believed we were the same station. 

I remember speaking to the owner at the time, who basically told me the price of fish and I ended the call. Yes our name was registered,  but in hindsight, it was felt that the amount of money that would be wasted with lawyers and the amount of time spent on the issue was simply not worth it. 

Fortunately we were already considering dropping the part of our name that was now being used elsewhere. This incident just made us do it sooner rather than later. Our station needed to move with the audience so we did not get stuck in a rut and become stale.

So, in this instance, the issue fitted into the copyright section, but many, including myself, believed we should just take it as a form of flattery and move on.

Personally, since my life threatening illness some years ago, I look at things very differently. Prior to that, I would have fought through and through to win what rightfully belonged to the station.

Now I look at which battles to fight for. Life is short enough as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from a pushover. If this copyright instance was going to cost us thousands in lost revenue or audience, a different approach would have been taken. This was not the case, nobody died and we have become a station, I believe, with better ethics.

When I look at what happened now, they actually did us a favour. Things happen for a reason.

The recent post that is similar to one of my blogs just made me smile. I take everything in my stride. We have become the better station, we are obviously looked up to by other internet only stations, maybe a little bit with the green eyed monster syndrome. We have a very strong audience base, so we expect that others would want to do things in our style in hope of gaining a slice of our listeners.

What I love about AOR is that we are always evolving, staying fresh, moving forward, while not causing any drastic upset to our listeners.

A few days ago, I received a lovely email from Tony Thomas in Birmingham.

He mentioned how he loves the freshness and humour that makes us very comfortable listening.

He signed off the email with “looking forward to the next innovation at AOR as there always is !!”

It shows that listeners appreciate us not becoming a one trick pony. It was an email that certainly made me feel very flattered to be part of this amazing team and radio station.

I’m back Monday Morning from 7am. The shows are live, not pre-recorded as live. This Monday sees the launch of our new station feature “Where’s Wesley”. Wes hosts our weekday drive show. Lots of Amazon tech to be won through the whole of October.

Look out for more details on our social media pages. 


Much love.