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Farewell K C


Our friendship cost $5

It’s true. Kevin Coan, known on air as K C, applied to a demo advertisement I placed on fiver nearly 6 years ago.

We instantly hit it off and became the best of friends, even though we have never met in real life as Kevin was based in the USA and I’m in the UK.

We did however spend many treasured times on skype on a video call, which usually took me to about 3am UK time.

With both of us having such a passion for anything radio, the conversations never dried up.

K C’s demo, naturally, was totally outstanding and he joined me from day one on what was at the time called Hit 45s.

The station has had a few makeovers but KC stayed part of the key on air lineup. He became a listener favourite, making many new fans in the UK.

His perfectly timed voicebreaks, witty and informative over the intro of songs were perfect.

K C’s style flowed through in all the shows he hosted for us.

He embraced the new technology and went on to prove that his talents shined through all the new systems.

Kevin and I always spoke about catching up in the UK once he had fully retired.

Last year, K C asked if he could cut back his on-air presence, I could tell something was wrong.

After a really long call, I discovered that he had cancer, the future was not bright, but he wanted to continue hosting shows. Sadly, this only happened for a few months before he had to surrender to health challenges.

The last time I could actually speak in person to K C was in January. His treatment had started but we started to learn that K C was being hammered by the cancer.

Although I exchanged a few emails after that, things became very quiet from K C and his lovely daughter.

Then the message came through that things had taken a downward turn and then today I had learned that my lovely, dear friend had passed away aged only 65 years old.

I will always treasure and value our friendship, through all the personal things that we supported each other on and our love of all things radio.

Without K C, I would never have met his lovely daughter Kayla, I would not have been introduced to the brilliant Alan Courtright, who is still with AOR today, I would never have had success with Hit 45s, I would never have had the real good times we both shared together.

Five dollars so well spent. A friendship I can never replace. I will miss him more than I can put onto words.

Farewell Kevin, you join those radio greats in the sky, show them how it is really done.

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