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5 years? Really?

It was not until a listener reminded me recently (Thanks Tony T) that I noticed it has been some time since I last updated my blog page with All Oldies Radio.

My excuse, if I’m allowed one?

Super busy! 

As most of you will know now, I host Afternoons and what great fun it has been so far. The interaction with all of you is amazing and I can not thank you enough for all the support you give me and everyone else at AOR.

Radio competition is heating up, several new stations since I last wrote here, one has even tried to copy our business module and a large chunk of our format, but we stand strong and proud.

Our audience is loyal and we will never forget that loyalty or disrespect it in anyway. We would be nowhere without you.

What I love about being part of this station is how our audience consistently grows and grows.

With new players in the marketplace, some listeners have believed some of the hype, checked them out, but, came back to us. On top of that, we are adding new listeners all the time.

Those that knock Internet Radio claim we have 100 listeners if we are lucky. Trust me, if that was the case, we would have packed up our bags and left town by now.

On March 29th we celebrate 5 years of being online. The décor has changed once or twice, but underneath the hood is the same quality, format, ethics and high broadcasting standards. We have such an amazing bunch of people both on air and behind the scenes.

When we originally launched in 2016, we were the online UK internet only station with a full line up of presenters 24/7.

We were told that we would not survive more than 3 months, yet here we are, still.

Many have copied us, taken us on or simply admired us from a distance. Regardless, we still shine through with a loyal audience along with our wonderful advertisers and sponsors.

We are constantly growing as a company and have some great things lined up for this year, locked down or not.

This month we have also tried something new.

Check out the All Oldies Radio £1000 cash prize Raffle. You can go straight to the page HERE

If you win, remember who pointed you in the right direction. (smile)

So many new things on the horizon and as soon as I am allowed to share them, you will be the first to know.

Please be safe and take care.

Much Love


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