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Spring Has Sprung?

Hello Stewsters!

March is here at last and isn't it great that we are getting longer days of daylight and it's just that tad warmer.

Let's just hope we can all enjoy the sunshine and some R&R along the way.

Can I say, a big 'thank-you' to everyone who has contributed to our Super Saturday Soul Stew Selection with your requests. There's been some cracking songs, so please keep them coming in.

I'd love to know what your favourite R&B/Soul/Dance/Reggae song is from the 50s to the 90s and the memories that song takes you back to.

That is the beauty of music.... It just takes us back in time.

One of our listeners sent me a copy of this poster from 1976. When Gill Lucraft and I researched all the dates for the California Ballroom website, we couldn't find anything listed in the local press for 29th May or 5th June. At least now, I now know where I was!

Just look at all those superstar names


Earlier that year, James Brown gigged at The California Ballroom. He arrived at the venue very late but first let me explain how I accessed the DJ booth. This was via The Hillside Bar... People could view the DJ and bands play from the bar. Now, when James came on stage, I closed up the booth as normal. but by the time he had finished his 'late' set and I was due back behind the decks, the bar had closed and the only way to back to the DJ booth was by crawling across the stage where there was access behind the bands drum kit.

I'll never forget the look on James Brown's security people.... Hands inside their jackets and ready for action.

Were they armed???

I'll never know but it was a tad scary.

Much love,

xx PG xx

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