Menner's Musings

I thought I’d put pen to paper and write a Blog, this of course is not the first time I have put pen to paper, thinking of my days at school many years ago, then of course we were given marks for our effort especially in English class, that’s one reason why I became a Radio Announcer, yes my compositions were not that good.


 I best introduce myself, I’m Mike Menner and have been with All Oldies Radio for several years, doing various shifts, and at present you can hear me on a Sunday Night from 9pm, playing a great selection of Classic Hits, that you hear 24/7 on All Oldies Radio.


 Way back when I was 15 I used to get together with a few of my friends and sit by the Stereo playing music, with all of us pretending we were on the radio, the only 45 we had for a while was Gene Pitney’s ‘’Who Needs It’’, and we used to introduce it so many times until we wore the 45 out, but it still remains one of my favourite tracks for the memories it holds


 At the age of 16 my career in Commercial Radio commenced and of course coming from a Catholic upbringing my eyes were opened somewhat into the goings on in a Radio Station.....some good, some bad and from starting out as a Panel Operator I eventually moved on to various Commercial Stations around the Country, in that way trying to improve my skills, and of course being Radio it had it ups and downs, especially when one is sacked, hey its happened to us all.


 Eventually after a few years on air in Regional Stations I made the ‘Big Time’ and everybody’s dream of working in a Capital City Station, doing Drive.


 But my other hobby is travel and I could not pass up the offer of a position with an airline in the city I was working, and that lasted for 25 years, so I’ve seen much of the world but also doing freelance in Radio in that time.


 As they say once Radio gets in the blood it stays there, I love doing what I’m doing and with luck it will continue on for many years.


Catch you all at 9pm on a Sunday night on All Oldies Radio.