We Are Family


Here at All Oldies Radio, the great thing about our audience, is that we, as a team of presenters feel very connected with you all. You give us your loyalty and patronage and we in return enjoy so much the feedback we get from you. We all love music so much.

Through social media, great friendships have been forged, and this is typical of my experience in radio over the many years I have worked in the industry.

When I worked on Forces Radio, I presented a programme that went out worldwide. Of course it wasn’t just British forces personnel who would listen. Locals, and even forces from other nations would always tune in, and this led to a social media friendship with an American serviceman who loved the music I played, and was serving in the Middle East. At one point he got his wife to message me from the States to say, even though he couldn’t message me because he was on operation there, he was still listening and enjoying the show. We are still friends today on Facebook.

In local radio in the UK, the unique bond created between a presenter and his audience is also similarly strong. On a breakfast show I presented, I used to get a daily phone call from an elderly lady called Mabel. I would have a chat with her between songs, and this happened over a period of some years. We would have a chuckle and she would drop off cake for me at the station. Then, one day, the phone calls stopped.

Some weeks later I received a letter from Mabel’s family. They all lived a long way away from her. Sadly, she had died, but they wanted me to know how much she valued those phone calls, in fact, they said, 'you probably kept her going when she was very ill'. It was such a touching moment, and really illustrated to me that special connection that radio can breed.

I’ve got many other stories of how radio has helped people through touch times, or been the soundtrack to some very happy days.

So, as the way we listen to the radio, and the way we communicate with each other changes, I hope one thing that won’t change is that unique connection that radio gives.

Long live radio, the friendships, and the great music.

I’ll catch you on All Oldies Radio weeknights from 6pm