Chairman Phil.

Chairman’s Blog January 2021

I didn’t know what to expect when Russ Dee asked me to be Chairman of the All Oldies Radio

company. I thought it would mean long cosy meetings in an oak panelled office with a fat cigar and

fine brandies after a superb 3 course sumptuous lunch. “No mate, I’ll catch you on Zoom” he said,

“and bring your own packet of crisps and bottled water”.


So now we meet monthly on Zoom and watch to see who has fallen asleep in front of their gigantic

book shelves. Have you noticed that everyone interviewed on Zoom TV always has a huge

collection of books? I spend a lot of time trying to see if anyone has any rude or pornographic

titles, but I guess they hide those. Anyway this chairmanship has been amazing, listening to a

dedicated team of broadcast professionals planning the exciting future of All Oldies Radio.


The thing about modern radio is that it’s very high tech. In my early days of the wireless, I never had to

wear a dinner jacket, but enjoyed watching a record turntable revolve, or giant reels of tape turning,

after intense editing with a razor blade, literally cutting words and sentences out of s strip of rust

brown audio tape. That’s all gone now in the world of computers.


I’m not an audio geek, but we have these scary experts here at All Oldies who will explain a series of

baffling procedures while I dream of downing another fine brandy. “Yes I think if we adopt SSDAB it

will require a fine multiplex bit rate of 320k and a refresh rate of 22 nanoseconds but only on

Thursdays” What? I just nod sagely and say I totally agree. If you disagree then you will get another

baffling list of technical gobbledegook.


But regularly talking to colleagues and the on-air talent at All Oldies has brought about a mini-

revolution during this time of social distancing. We can’t be together in the same room or studio, so

we’ve formed a kind of mini-club. Technology has enabled us to communicate on a daily basis and it

makes you feel less lonely if you live alone like me. There’s always a buzz on our internal messaging

system. Any time, and day, the chats and jokes fly non-stop. However I don’t know what to say in a

bleary haze when someone messages at 3am and says “Fothers, what do you feel about the 320k at

22 nanoseconds idea” I usually reply “Let me sleep on it!”


There’s serious stuff too. There are many exciting plans in the pipeline for All Oldies Radio. It’s

fascinating to discuss this, and our future will be like a vaccine jab in the arms of our fans. Highly

beneficial and making the future more secure. I can’t tell you what those plans are as I’ve signed the

AOROSA....the All Oldies Radio Official Secrets Act.


It’s going to be a very positive experience for you as one of our listeners, and I promise not to message you at 3am to tell you about it.

Happier 2021.


Philip Fothergill AKA Fothers, Chairman AOR



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